Gangnam-gu Restaurants

Gang- ChonKorean restaurant
Type : Korean cuisine
Address : Ilwon-dong 646-1 (Yangjae BLVD N.84St.)
Tel No. : 3412-5001
Business hours/Seat : am 11:00 ~ pm 09:00/50
Parking Information(capacity) : 6
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Menu Information
non-frozen sirloin, Galbi, Cha- Dol- Bak-Ee, non-frozen fatback, pork rib, fried little octopus with chili paste, non-frozen cod soup, crab soup,steamed seafood with chili paste, Gang-chon course meal, crab in soy sauce, little octopus stone pot rice
A family house before renovation, the restaurant holds an air of comfort with its garden as well as potteries.Prepares with home-made soya sauce, plum sauce, and Dwen Jang(Soy Paste)Good reviews by customers.
the person in charge
Community Health Administration Division Lee hyun hoon / 02-2423-7063