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Formerly, Samseong-dong was the area of Bongeunsa, Mudongdo, and Dakgeom in Eonju-myeon, Gwangju-gun, Gyeonggi-do until the end of Joseon Period. On March 1, 1914, which was the time under the Japanese imperial rule, the three natural villages of Bongeunsa, Mudongdo, and Dakgeom were incorporated according to No. 111 of Joseon Governor General’s Order. Since it was named as ‘Samseong-ri’ at the demarcation of Gyeonggi area, the place has been called as Samseong. Also, Bongeunsa is a temple of Jogye Order established by the National Preceptor Yeonhoe during the reign of King Wonseong of Silla Dynasty. Initially, its name was Gyeonseong Temple but after rebuilding of the temple according to the order of Queen Jeonghyeon of Joseon Period, its name was changed to Bongeunsa. Including the signboard written by the great writer Chusa, Seonbul Hall, and printing woodblocks, there are many relics in the temple.


Bongeunsa Temple
Address : 531, Bongeunsa-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea (Samseong-dong)
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Tel No. : 02-511-6070~4
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The representing temple Bongeunsa of Gangnam has kept a long history in a serene Zen meditation within the city. Seonbuldang of Sunbangin (The 64th tangible cultural asset of Seoul) was reconstructed in 1941 and it is known for its unique structures. Sungbang is open for Zen meditation of the public and Buddhism exploring program such as Zen meditation, buddhist traditional meal with four bowls, tea ceremony, Buddhist service, and many others for the people.
Permanent Thursday Temple Life Program Guidance for foreigners
  • - Time : Every Thursday14:00 ~ 16:00(punctual starting time)
  • - Place : Munsasu(Foreigners’ information desk, located next to the main gate)
  • - Program : Information of temple, making lotus, tea ceremony demonstration, Zen meditation and conversations with Buddhist monk
    (Whole program is carried out in English)
  • -Participation fee : 10,000 Won/per 1 person
    ※ This program is available for on site registration.
    ※ Prescribed souvenir is given out to the participants
  • - Contact : 02-3218-4895
100m towards Assem Tower direction from exit number 6 of Samsung station, subway line number 2. There is an entrance of Bongeunsa on the left side.
150m towards Gyeonggi High School direction from exit number 2 of Cheongdam station, subway line number 7. There is an entrance of Bongeunsa on the right side.
the person in charge
samseong 1-dong Gu Aeja / 02-3423-7803
Apgujeong-dong Lee Jeong-wan / 02-3423-7603
Cheongdam-dong Kim Jongbeom / 02-3423-7704
Sinsa-dong Jeong Haeran / 02-3423-7303
Nonhyeon-dong Im jungbin / 02-3423-7403
Yeoksam 1-dong Kwak jisuk / 02-3423-8604
Daechi 1-dong Kim hyunhee / 02-3423-8303
Suseo 1-dong Choi eunhae / 02-3423-8553