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Origin of Cheongdam-dong is now in 105, Cheongdam-dong where it once was an area of a clear pond. Also in the area of 134 street, the Han River was so clear to call this village as a Cheongsutsol to be named.


Café street
Address : Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
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Cheongdam –dong is also famous for exotic cafes. The European-style café is located in the low buildings and has open tables in front of the café to have the exotic touch. It is loved by the general public and even for famous celebrities.
the person in charge
samseong 1-dong Gu Aeja / 02-3423-7803
Apgujeong-dong Lee Jeong-wan / 02-3423-7603
Cheongdam-dong Kim Jongbeom / 02-3423-7704
Sinsa-dong Jeong Haeran / 02-3423-7303
Nonhyeon-dong Im jungbin / 02-3423-7403
Yeoksam 1-dong Kwak jisuk / 02-3423-8604
Daechi 1-dong Kim hyunhee / 02-3423-8303
Suseo 1-dong Choi eunhae / 02-3423-8553