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Feel the vivid history of Buddhist civilization with temples and cultural assets as well as well-preserved tomb of Joseon royal family in the most thriving city surrounded by the forest of buildings.


Bongeunsa Temple
Address : 73 Samsungdong, Gangnam-Gu , Seoul, Korea
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Tel No. : 02-511-6074~4
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The representing temple Bongeunsa of Gangnam has kept a long history in a serene Zen meditation within the city. Seonbuldang of Sunbangin (The 64th tangible cultural asset of Seoul) was reconstructed in 1941 and it is known for its unique structures.
Jangheungsa Myeongjongdong, Hongmu 25 years
- On the side of the main temple, there is a small-sized temple bell of 60cm in height and 49.5cm in diameter which is well-balanced.
- Having a long history, Seonbuldang is located on the lower part of Bongeunsa. It was a Sunbang (good defense) for the public, and was reconstructed in 1941 where Shimgumdang was located.
The first edition of few lines in the Avatamska Sutra of Temple
Among the 15 kinds of 3,438 books kept in Bongeunsa, the 3,133rd xylographic book is the Avatamska Sutra of Temple. This Avatamska Sutra is the most sacred book representing Mahayana Buddhism. At first, it was separately translated and praised by Siksananda and Chingkwanduring the Tang Dynasty in China. This is called as the Avatamska Sutra and is evaluated to hold the most important key in Buddhism.
Temple signboard of Junghee Kim
This is the latter work of the artist Junghee Kim (1786~1856). As is says ’71-year old person from Gwacheon writes in ill health’ on the left side vertically, this is famous for the writing during her ill health at the age of 71. It is told that she died after 3 days of this writing.
100m towards Assem Tower direction from exit number 6 of Samsung station, subway line number 2. There is an entrance of Bongeunsa on the left side.
150m towards Gyeonggi High School direction from exit number 2 of Cheongdam station, subway line number 7. There is an entrance of Bongeunsa on the right side.
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