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Apgujeong-dong was first named after a pavilion called Apgujeong built by an influential vassal, Myeong-hoe Han (1415~1487) during the reign of King Sejong in Joseon Period. The former place of Apgujeong was around the northern Oksu-dong to Dongho of Geomho-dong. Although it is not available today, the lovely and picturesque scenery of Jeoja Island that was full of mulberries was said to create a magnificent view with the peaks of Mt. Bukhan. It is not clear when the pavilion called Apgujeong disappeared; however, it was bestowed to Yeong-hyo Park who was married to Princess Yeonghye, the daughter of King Cheoljong, along with the Jeoja Island and when his entire fortune was forfeited due to his involvement to the Gapsin coup in October at the 21st year of King Gojong (1884), Apgujeong was forfeited and returned to the nation at the latter year of King Gojong’s reign. It is not clear when it disappeared; however, there stood a stone that informs the site of the pavilion Apgujeong between the unit 72 and 74 of Hyundai Apartment.


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Rodeo Streets of Apgujeong
Address : Apgujeong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
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As the Rodeo Drive in Beverley Hills became the famous place of fashion, ‘Rodeo Street’ became known for the fashion leaders of trend and youth culture. In Korea, Apgujeong is the Rodeo Drive. There are numerous fashion shops, games, fortune telling, and many other theme café. There are record shops, high-class restaurants, affordable and popular restaurants to be filled with young people after getting off work. Every year in May, there are non-stop cultural festivals in Apgujeong.
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samseong 1-dong Gu Aeja / 02-3423-7803
Apgujeong-dong Lee Jeong-wan / 02-3423-7603
Cheongdam-dong Kim Jongbeom / 02-3423-7704
Sinsa-dong Jeong Haeran / 02-3423-7303
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Suseo 1-dong Choi eunhae / 02-3423-8553