Mayor of Gangnam-gu

Personal history

Personal information
  • Name: Shin, Yeon Hee (Chinese:申燕姬, English: Shin,Yeon Hee)
  • Address : Daechi-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
Educational background
  • Graduated from Korea University Law School of Administration
  • Graduated University of Seoul Graduate School of Municipal Administration
  • Acquisition of Doctor’s degree at University of Seoul Graduate School of Administration
Career background
  • Mayor of Gangnam-gu Office at the 5th civil election
  • Section chief of consumer protection at Office of Industry in Seoul
  • Head of women welfare of Seoul family welfare department
  • Head of women development of Seoul women’s policy
  • Head of accounting at Seoul administration bureau
  • Chief of Ganbuk-gu in Seoul
  • Head of administration office of Seoul
  • Seoul welfare, women policy aide (level 1) and plural offices of women & family policy
  • Member of Moral public official committee in Seoul
  • Member of Review committee in public officials pension income
  • Senior inviting researcher of Seoul development institute
  • Vice president of election polling committee for the 17th Grand National Party President
  • Advisory member of department of gender equality, Central election polling committee for the 17th Grand National Party Election
  • Advisory member of the 17th Inauguration of President
  • Adjunct professor of administrative department, University of Seoul Graduate School
  • Director of Seoul foundation of women & family
  • Mediator of Seoul Central District Court
  • Member of GNP Foreign cooperation committee
  • Director of corporate Yoo Gwansun education work committee
  • Vice president of women’s alumni association, Korea university
  • Vice president of women’s forum, Korea university
  • Vice president of city association of Seoul
  • Non-permanent member of public officials pension corporation
  • Director of future coalition of DMZ
  • Secretary general of the Korean Senior Citizens Association
  • Green compliment Award (President)
  • Red compliment Award(President)
  • " GNP Award “Eulatchacha Outburst Movement of Joining Members in Political Party”
the person in charge
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