Mayor of Gangnam-gu


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I am honored to be announced as the sixth of Gangnam-gu by the respected Gangnam community.

During my 4-year term, I intend to dedicate myself to the development of Gangnam-gu and the happiness of its community with modesty and genuine commitment.

I will make the most of my long-term experience in overall administrative work in Seoul, to make Gangnam the most exemplary autonomous district in Korea in terms of economy, education, welfare, environment, culture, transportation and all other areas.

It is my sincere wish to present hope and happiness for all the citizens in the community while creating truly
Beautiful Gangnam with class’.

The happiness and well-being of all 570,000 citizens will always be on my mind and I will devote myself to fulfill my duty as the mayor of Gangnam-gu.

Thank you.

the person in charge
Planning & Budget Division Tel.02-3423-3452