Theme Tour

  • 1.관광정보센터

    Tourism Information Center
    Gangnam is the hub of Medical facilities, Korean Wave, popular tourist attractions, and spacious parking. If it’s your first time in Gangnam you have to check it out.
  • 2.가로수길

    The SoHo of Seoul! The place where the trendy youth of Korea gather every day. Come check out the care free and fascinating charm of Garosu-gil.
  • 3.강남역

    Gangnam Station
    Here is the Gangnam where PSY shouted 'Oppan Gangnam Style!' Come visit the place where the horse dance came to life.
  • 4.영동시장

    Yeongdong Market
    This is Gangnam's only traditional alley market. At the market you will feel the warmth of Korean generosity often getting more than what you pay for. At Yeongdong Market you will enjoy the feeling of fashionable shopping.
  • 8.압구정로데오거리

    Apgujeong Rodeo Street
    The Blue Line starts now. Apgujeong Rodeo Street is Korea's mecca for fashion and trendsetting. Also, if you in Korea for beauty, plastic surgery as a medical tourist this is go to spot for all those services.
  • 9.청담패션거리

    Cheongdam-dong Fashion Street
    At Cheongdam-dong Fashion Street you will find global brand retail shops, uniquely concentrated in one place in Korea.
  • 11.봉은사

    Bongeunsa Temple
    Bongeunsa Temple, in the heart of downtown, is the centerpiece of Korean Buddhist temple history, standing for over twelve-hundred years . If you are looking for a great experience about Korean temple culture and a relaxing time Bongeunsa Temple is a place you must visit.
  • 12.코엑스

    In 2010 COEX hosted the G-20 summit and in 2012 the Nuclear Security Summit. Every day of every year, large exhibitions and customers visit without end. It is Asia's largest exhibition, culture and tourist attraction.
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