Office lease

  • There are world-class standard facilities of hosting international conference, exhibition, meeting, and trade exhibition in Gangnam-gu. Hosting the Third ASEM Summit (October, 2000) and the Fifth Summit of G20 in Seoul (November, 2010) was successfully held in COEX of Gangnam-gu. The foundation of successful hosting was possible since Gangnam-gu has gathering of the world-renowned hotel, excellent transportation, place of international conference, and foreign business compared to other areas. Most of the office buildings in Korea establish infrastructure with built-in high speed communications network. Real estate business can be used for lease or sales of business office.
  • Office lease
    • The price of office lease can be different according to office location and closeness of transportation. Since Teheranro is popular for office location, it may be difficult to find office space, and the price may be higher than other areas in Gangnam-gu.
    • The office space is leased by unit of 3.3㎡(1 Pyeong). The space of contract include office space as well as hallway, stairs, and other general areas. Parking space may be included in the contract according to the building, or be negotiated additionally.
  • Leaseholder paying monthly rent with deposit should pay persons of public security and administration office. The management expenses should be included for monthly management cost.
    In some cases, management costs are included in leasing contract.
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