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  • Seoul World Trade Center
    • Complex is formed with the size over 50 Acres. Manu buildings of Seoul world trade center is being used for tourism, transportation, trade, and international business which serves as an important role to introduce Gangnam. It is a suitable place for transporting to international trade center, downtown, other Seoul areas, other Gangnam areas, Kimpo airport, Incheon international airport, and hotels with convenient transportation of buses, subways and car.
    • It was selected as the third ASEM (Asia – Europe conference) in 2000. About 5,000 or more representatives for international issue and debate of cooperation relationship with Europe and Asia have gathered at the World Trade Center Seoul.
Seoul World Trade Center
  • The Summit of G20 formed in 2008 will be open to host the ‘Fifth Summit of G20 in Seoul’ on November of 2010.
Seoul World Trade Center
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World Trade Center Seoul
(WTC Seoul)  

Parking information Parking available(about 5,000)
Directions Samsung station, line number 2
Main facility Sculpture Garden
Korea City Airport Terminal (KCAT) Parking information Parking available(about 462)
Directions Exit 5, 6 of Samsung station, line number
Main facility
  • first basement level: shops(shopping, arcade)
  • second ~ fourth basement level : parking lot
  • first floor: check-in, airline ticket office, travel agency, bank
  • second floor: limousine bus ticket counter, limousine bus stop, departure office, baggage checkroom, exchange counter, post office
  • third floor: Convention center
  • fourth ~ seventh floor : offices
Contact 02-551-0077
  • Main facility
    • Convention and Exhibition center (COEX)
      • COEX is 46,000 square meter in size to have space of exhibition, conference room, and offices as we as holding international exhibition, banquet, and trade exhibitions.
      • Homepage :
    • World Trade Center Seoul (WTC Seoul)
      • World Trade Center Seoul includes many business of international trade and business associations.
      • There are mostly organizations of trade, finance, insurance, and immigration, and trade service center of consulting issues of trade and computerization of library is also included.
    • Korea City Airport Terminal (KCAT)
      • Korea City Airport Terminal was established in 1985. You can have convenient service of airline counter (Korean air, Asiana air, Quanta air, Singapore air, Qatar air) to seating arrangement, check-in, and baggage check. Grand intercontinental hotel and COEX intercontinental hotel is all located near WTCS.
    • HOTEL
      • Grand intercontinental hotel and COEX intercontinental hotel is all located near WTCS.
World Trade Center Seoul
  • Seoul Trade Exhibition Center (SETEC)
    • Seoul Trade Exhibition Center (SETEC) is supported by the ministry of education, technology, and science, and the Korea chamber of commerce and industry to be administered by EOGKS (KOTRA). Seoul Trade Exhibition Center locate in Daechi-dong has 3 main exhibition halls, 2 outside exhibition, seminar room, buyer service center, and business center with exhibition space over 10,000 square meter. over 10,000 square meter. There is a bus route in front of Hangnyeoul station on line 3. Convenient way of public transportation. Since there are two areas of parking, we provide spacious parking area for exhibition business and visitors.
Seoul Trade Exhibition Center (SETEC)
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Seoul Trade Exhibition Center Parking information Parking available
Directions Hangnyeoul station on line 3
Main facility exhibition, seminar, business center
the person in charge
Local Economy Division Tel.02-3423-5505