Teheranro/Venture valley

  • Teheranro, the venture street of telecommunications
    • Teheran valley which is known as the silicone valley of Korea is the developmental business area along Teheranro. This street is the base of venture enterprises such as IT or internet business as well as other financial, insurance, and trade companies. Headquarters of major companies such as POSCO, GS-Caltex, Hyundai Mobis have relocated to this region. Most of venture enterprises are located in Gangnam station, COEX / World Trade Center. (Also, there is ASEM Convention center and Seoul city airport terminal)
  • Due to the large gathering of venture enterprises, it is called the venture valley of Korea. This area has expanded to all areas of Gangnam-gu. The focus of high-tech industries plays a role of creation and development. To support this, this area has the best base facilities of Korea in technology, transportation, and other facilities. Also, the business support of enterprises (venture capital industry, incubation industry, consultant, legal enterprises, etc) are thriving. In the World Trade Center Seoul, there are organizations of Foreign investment business investing in Korea. The foreign business desiring high technology and venture field of Korea plans to locate near the Teheranro for creating technology. The foreign business wanting to find high standards of Korean partners can start here.
  • The name of ‘Teheranro’
    • Teheranro is 3.7km in length, 40m in width. Entering location is from Yeoksam-dong which is the main road passing from East to west in Gangnam area.
    • With the visit from mayor of Teheran, the capitol of Iran on June of 1977, the names of two cities were exchanged for the celebration of sisterhood relationship. At the time it was called ‘Samreungdo’ which was changed to ‘Teheranro”. Indeed in the city of Teheran, the north of “Banak street” near international exhibition from ‘Doctor Chamlan” highway with the length of 3km, they have named it “Seoulro”.
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