Registration and report of foreign investment

Visa acquisition of business investors
  • All foreigners with the desire to work in Korea need to have a valid passport and should attain relevant visa from the embassy or consulate office. Persons working without a relevant visa will be deported for violation.
  • The following visas must be obtained for those desiring sojourn in Korea for business investment, trade, professional pursuits, and other purposes.
Status of Stay Qualifications Entry Sojourn Departure
Less than 90 days Short period (C-2) • market research, business contact, inspection, consultation, contract,, installation of import machines, repair, evaluation, learning management and other similar purpose to stay in a short period of time Passport , Visa, Disembarkation card Extension of Sojourn possible(Immigration office ) Passport
More than 91 days Intra-Company Transfer(D-7) • A person working over 1 year in public institutions, group, or head office of company, branch, and other branches to be a professional dispatched worker set by the Minister of Justice in the Korean branch, other company, presiding office Alien registration , Extension of Sojourn , Permission of re-entrance, Change in Qualification of sojourn, Qualification of sojourn and other possible activities (Immigration office ) Passport , Registration , Re-entrance if needed
Business investment (D-8)

A skilled worker in technological field of management, production, and business administration of foreign business investment regulated by the『Foreign Investment Promotion Act』

Trade management (D-9) • A person dispatched in construction institution of Korea for the supervision of Installation, repair, shipbuilding, and other industry production in imported machines Alien registration , Extension of Sojourn , Permission of re-entrance, Change in Qualification of sojourn (Immigration office )
• A skilled worker who wishes to establish or manage a company in Korea or engage in trades or other businesses.
  • Procedure and method of registering visa (or visa request registration)
    • How to apply : In person
    • Where to apply : U.S. Embassy or consulate
    • Required documents : Passport , application for a visa(or Confirmation letter of visa issuance), A copy of business registration certificate, incorporation registrar, a letter explaining the reason for the invitation, Citizen Identification Card(Chinese applicants only), processing fee(Single-entry visa: amount equivalent to $50 (USD), multiple-entry visa: amount equivalent to $80 (USD), 1 color photo.
      ※ There are no additional charge for visa request registration
  • Additional documents for the Foreign Investment Promotion Act
    • Written directive of head office dispatch, proof of employment, 1 copy registration of foreigner investment promotion, document proving regular business (tax payment certificate or record document of business funds)
      ※ When investments are from China to Korea
      • Statement of Korea investment and business plan (submitted documents to foreign exchange bank of China)
      • Foreign exchange purchase certificate of bank in China (document of foreign exchange purchase approval from foreign exchange control of bank in China)
        ※ For essential professional knowledge of subsidiary company with financial holding company
      • Permit of financial holding company
      • Request document of visa cooperation
      • Document of proof in wholly-owned subsidiary of financial holding company (copy of corporate registration of subsidiary company and stockholder’s list)
  • Additional documents for person of establishment in venture business promotion with special procedure
    • Venture business registration or confirmation of preliminary venture business
    • Business ownership, or document confirming technology or using rights of business