Gangnam-gu Multicultural families Support Center

Gangnam-gu Multicultural families Support Center
  • Multicultural Family Support Center in Gangnam-gu established integrated notification system to assist multicultural families to adjust to Korean culture and society, providing integrated service for promoting stable family relationship and settling down of multi-cultural families.
    (☎02-3414-3346, 2222)
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  • Multicultural Family Support Projects
Multicultural Family Support Projects
Project Title Subjects Applicable Areas Managing agency Dates
Home visit teachers Dispatch Project 10 Multicultural families Home Visit Multicultural Family Support Center Sep. ~ Dec. 2010
Surveys on the Needs of multicultural families 856 multicultural families within Gangnam-gu ome Visit Sep. ~ Dec. 2010
International medical interpreters dispatch project Foreigners using public health centers, medical centers and hospitals in Seoul Public health centers, medical centers and hospitals in Seoul Gangnam-gu Womans Skill Development Center Sep. ~ Dec. 2010
The project for the learning of multicultural families and sending aids Participation of multicultural families in Seoul Nursery and kindergarten Nursery and kindergarten (Participation of multicultural families) Sep. ~ Dec. 2010
  • Multicultural Family Support Projects for 2010
Korean Education
Classification Frequency
(or terms)
Time of the Project # of People
Project Title Programs
Primary Projects Korean Education Beginner Korean Class 32 terms Apr. ~ Jul. 15
Intermediate Korean Class 32 terms Sep. ~ Dec. 15
Family bonding and
training for understanding
multicultural families
Parent-child support program
“Happy Mom&I”
6 terms Mar. ~April. 15
Education for medical, public health and pregnancy
“Well-being Family“
2 terms June / Nov. 20
Information age training
16 terms Sep. ~ Dec. 15
Consumer Education
“Alddul Salddul“
2 times June / Nov. 20
Employment/Entrepreneurship Support Basic job skills training
2 terms June 10
Consulting and information for employment/Entrepreneurship 1 times Year around 10
Independent Meetings Independent Meetings
5 times Mar. ~ Dec. 10
Counseling Individual and couples counseling
“Play, Talk, Love“
Individual 2 terms Year around 20
Group 6 terms Oct. ~ Nov. 10
Specialized Projects Joint weddings of
multicultural families
Joint Weddings of Love 1 time 2010.10.14 6
P.R. Mentoring and volunteers for multicultural families Family volunteering team for
multicultural family mentoring
“Happy Codi“
6 terms Mar. ~ Oct. 1
Change in awareness and promotion for multicultural families Multicultural family festivals
“Harmony Hanmadang“
6 terms Mar. ~ Oct. 24
Korean culture tour
“Korea Nuri“
1 terms May 200
Korean culture tour
“Korea Nuri“
2 terms June/ Nov. 40
Multicultural Alimi
“Aha! World“
6 terms June/ Nov. 25
Other promotion materials for the regin Year around Year around 20cases
Community networks for
Institutions outside the Convention Year around Year around 10cases
the person in charge
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