Multicultural families Support System

What is a multicultural family?
  • A multicultural family refers to a family of international backgrounds and cultures, consisting of Korean male and a migrant female, Korean female and a migrant male, migrants such as migrant workers, international students and North Korean defectors.
Definitions of Multicultural Family
Definitions of Multicultural Family
International Marriage families A child born of Korean father and a mother of foreign nationality
A child born of Korean mother and a father of foreign nationality
Foreign Migrant Families Migrant worker’s child born in Korea
A child born from families who have immigrated to Korea
Other immigrant families International student, North Korean defectors’ (settler’s) child
Hotline for migrant women (Emergency Support Center for Migrant Women) tel 1577-1366
  • - When the marriage migrants are subjected to domestic violence, sexual abuse and harassment or sexual trafficking and in need of assistance due to family tension, marital conflicts or divorce, they can always receive counseling.
  • - Language support in six languages (English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Mongolian, Russian and Thai)
  • - Internet Cyber Counseling
Educational Support for Multicultural families
  • Multicultural families are entitled to receive necessary support for education.
  • Inquires about school admissions
  • For difficulties in regard to school admission, come to the Office of Education of the district for more information. Details on the necessary documents, procedures or things to be prepared will be provided at the Office of Education. Gangnam District Office of Education (, 02-545-1577)
    Simplification of admission proceedings for children of migrant workers
    • - Children of migrant workers are allowed an admission to elementary school with the proof of entry/departure or the alien registration.
    • - Children without the proof can be allowed an admission with the submission
    • Educational programs and counseling for multicultural families
      • Educational support for children of multicultural families
        • Before enrollment: Speaking, listening, writing and reading in Korean and basic math skills
        • After enrollment: After-hour Korean lessons and subject learning and the participation in camps for multi-cultural
      • Educational programs and counseling for parents of multicultural families
        • Educational programs for parents of multi-cultural families (Korean, cultural exchange, childrearing and parenting and etc.)
        • Mentoring service for the marriage migrants
        • Forum for interaction for the introduction of multicultural food, cultures, languages (Multiculture Alimi)
        • Strengthening networks within the region through the collaborations of the affiliated organizations
    Medical Support for Multicultural Families
    • Once the multicultural families register for health insurance, they can use services at the medical clinics at an inexpensive price and receive treatments free charge. The funeral expenses could be subsidized after the death.
    • Registration for National Health Insurance
      • If the alien registration is done but without Korean citizenship
        • A marriage immigrant without Korean citizenship could register for National Health Insurance, when he or she has an alien registration, or both husband and wife are not employed.
      • If the spouse has work health insurance,
        • The migrant can register as a dependent with Report of Acquisition of Medical Insurance by a foreign person, Alien Registration Card, the proof of spousal relationship, proof of marriage and etc.
      • The recipient of medical benefits provided by Basic Livelihood Security Law, can receive benefits without the health insurance.
        ※National Health Insurance Corporation or other branches tel : 1577-1000
        ※National Health Insurance, Foreigners only hotline tel : 02-390-2000,02-3270-9161,9338,9835
    • Free treatments for those without National Health Insurance
      • Those experiencing financial difficulties can receive medical treatments, free of charge. Free treatment service is designed to provide female marriage immigrants and their children who cannot receive medical benefits or health insurance, hospitalization and surgeries for free.
        • National Medical Center tel : 02-2260-7114
        • Regional medical centers(Seoul Medical Center tel tel : 02-3430-0201)
        • The Red Cross Hospital (Seoul Red Cross Hospital tel : 02-2002-8000)
        • Medical clinics approved by the city/district
          (Migrant Workers’ Medical Center tel : 02-863-9966/ Seoul Metropolitan Dongbu Hospital 02-920-9114)
    • Information
      • Female marriage immigrants who have not obtained Korean citizenship, you can apply for these services at local medical centers, the Red Cross Hospital, National Medical Center or medical facilities approved by the city/district.
      • When applying, you must submit a passport, Alien Registration Card and the proof of marriage to a Korean national.
      • For victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse, they can be connected to the shelter for free treatments.
      • Female marriage immigrants, health insurance recipient or the recipients of medical benefits are excluded from eligibility. However if an applicant is having difficulty applying because they have either ran away or took a refuge can contact the associated facility to confirm their eligibility.
    • Medical Benefits
      • From the time of hospitalization to discharge, the medical expense up to 5,000,000 won will be provided per person.
      • When the cost of a treatment exceeds 5,000,000 won, additional support up to 5,000,000 won may be offered after the causes for the excess has been submitted.
      • When the cost of a treatment exceeds 10 million won, 80% of the exceeding amount will be subsidized.
        (The benefits may differ from region to region and it is advised that you contact the regional medical clinics, the Red Cross Hospital, National Medical Center, designated medical institutions or public health centers or public welfare call center(tel:129) and community service center for Eup/Myun/Dong.))
    • Medical Subsidization System
      • This system is designed to subsidize medical expenses related to illness, injuries or pregnancy for the households experiencing financial difficulties.
      • Benefits of medical subsidization
        • The benefits are provided for the recipients (family members with the minimum cost of living) specified by Basic Livelihood Security Law. Female marriage immigrants with children of Korean nationality are also entitled for the medical subsidization.
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