Parks/Yangjae Stream

  • In order to maintain Seoul as a place in harmony with nature and environment-friendly, Gangnam-gu constructed parks throughout the district of Gangnam. Located inside the parks are facilities, leisure and entertainment areas to experience nature to the fullest.
  • Dosan Park
    • Dosan Park was established to commemorate the legacy of An, Chang-ho (pen name, Dosan) his great patriotism and passion for enlightening the masses.
      Seoul City has relocated the tomb of An, Chang ho initially located in Mangwoori Public Cemetery, to Dosan Park and brought the remains of his wife, Hye-ryun Lee, from Los Angeles.
      Newly established road stretching from Chungdahm-dong to Nonhyeon-dong with the width of 50m, and length 3,250m has been titled as “Dosan Daero”. The total area of Dosan Park is 29.974㎡, including tombs of Dosan, An, Chang-ho and his wife, his memorial, statue, memorial stone and commemorative artworks.
    • Address : 649-9 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Dosan Park
  • Hakdong Neighborhood Park
    • The park was dubbed “Yongyobong”, meaning it resembles the image of a dragon ascending to the heaven while wriggling. The field where five-day market used to be held (Present Young-dong Post Office) is being overlooked from the peak of Yongyobong and traditional farming town is situated at the bottom. With the establishment of the park in 1992, it took the old name of the town and named the park “Hakdong Park”.
    • Address : 26 Nohyun-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Hakdong Neighborhood Park
  • Chungdahm Park
    • Known for its clear water, Chungdahm-dong is a home to a famous mineral spring which attracts the traffic of nearby residents and Gangnam Youth Center for cultural space for the youth. Dense with beautiful fruit trees, Populus and maple trees, Chungdahm Park also is equipped with various exercise facilities.
    • Address : 66 Chungdahm-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Chungdahm Park
  • Daltuh Neighborhood Park(Gaepo 14 Neighborhood Park)
    • This natural park crosses the center of Gaepo 4-dong, evenly dividing Gaepo-dong and Poi-dong. In 1993, the trail was newly built and the landscaping work was done its surroundings for the nearby residents.
    • Address : 27 Poi-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
  • Daemo Mountain City Natural Park
    • Resembling an old lady and 39m high, this mountain was dubbed “Halmi San” (Old lady Mountain), but with a King’s order after the royal tomb was enshrined in the mountain, its title was changed to “Daemo Mountain”. Passed down by oral accounts, one theory says the shape of the mountain looks like the Buddhist nun sitting down.
      Another theory states it was dubbed “Daemon Mountain’ because it resembles the woman’s cleavage. With Bulguksa Temple and the fountain with an excellent water quantity at Isan, the park also boasts naturural learning area with a variety of rare trees planted at the entrance to the mountain, serving as outdoor education area, walking trails and walk trails for the residents.
Daemo Mountain City Natural Park
Yangjae Stream
  • Gangnam-gu has carried out this project for the purpose of functioning as an ecological landscape and metropolitan area in harmony with nature and artificiality and maintain the function of the stream. With its start as Hakyeoul ecological park, the first in Korea, Yangjae Stream is situated at the merging point of Yongdongdaegyo(Yongdong 1 Bridge and 2 Bridge) and Tan Stream.
  • As a project to turn Yangjae stream into a park, rural green project has been launched such as water treatment facility, bicycle route, ecological learning place, water parks, exercise facilities or trails, lifts for the handicapped, riverside swamps and water plants such as reed.
Yangjae Stream
  • Information on Yangjae Stream
    Information on Yangjae Stream
    • Section 1 (Yongdong 2 Bridge~Yongdong 3 Bridge)
      • Walking trails, bicycle route, shades, stepping stones, deck, vegetated shores, ecological learning place, water parks, rattan chair, a set of water Purification Facility
    • Section 2 (Yongdong 3 Bridge~Yongdong 4 Bridge)
      • Walking trails, bicycle route, shades, vegetated shores, rattan chair, administrative office, stepping stones, stand
    • Section 3 (Yongdong 4 Bridge ~Yongdong 5 Bridge)
      • Walking trails, bicycle route, water parks, shades, rattan chair, stepping stones
    • Section 4(Youngdong 5 Bridge ~ Youngdong 6 Bridge)
      • Walking trails, bicycle route, shades, stepping stones
    • Section 5(Youngdong 6 Bridge ~ Daechi Bridge)
      • Walking trails, bicycle route, lifts for the handicapped, ecological passageway, stepping stones
    • Section 6(Hakyeoul)
      • Walking trails, bicycle route, vegetated shores(shallow bay), waterside environmental facilities, swamps, stepping stones, ecological park, boardwalk
        ※ Use of the ecological learning place
  • Directions
    • Yangjae Stream Trails stretches from Gwachon, Gyenggi-do to Seocho-gu and Gangnam-gu of Seoul so it is convenient to use Hakyeoul Station, Daechi Station, Dogok Station or Maebong Station of Subway Line 3 or Daemo Mountain Sation, Gaepo-dong Station, Guryung Station of Bundang Line. From the station, take a walk to the nearest section. If by car, take an exit at Seocho IC or Yangjae IC from Gyongbu Highway and drive down to Yongdong 1gyo. Public parking lots are available nearby Yangjae stream and the rate is 300 won for every 10 minute.
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