Domestic Calls/Collect Call

Domestic Calls
  • Domestic Calling service is operated by Korea Telecommunications (KT). For inquires about installation of phone lines, rates, repairs, relocation or bills, call 100 without the area code for more information.
  • Rates
    • Registration fee is 60,000 won (including surtax and non-refundable non-exempt for Plus phones) and basic monthly rate is 5,200 won, excluding surtax.
    • Rates on local calls
      • Regular Hours: 39 won per 180 seconds (Weekdays 08:00 ~ 21:00)
      • Discount Hours: 39 won per 258 minutes (Weekdays 21:00 ~ 24:00, 00:00 ~ 08:00, Holidays)
  • If a foreigner wants to open a local phone line,
    • He or she must present a copy of a passport, and pay security deposits for the installation at the regional KT branch.
    • Korean telephone number consists of “area code (3~4 digits) + phone number(4 digits)” and you could apply for additional features(call waiting and call forwarding) have have them included in a monthly bill.
Call Forwarding Service
  • Call forwarding service is designed to transfer calls to another phone in the recipient cannot answer the call.
  • This is useful while moving a long distance. To active this service, call 100 without the area code to make inquiries about applying for the additional service. To change the setting for call forwarding service, dial ‘*88+the number’. (For instance to forward the call to 555-1234, press *885551234) If you would like to disable call forwarding, set it to #88# and existing phone number.
    This additional feature costs 1,000 won a month, and the first month after the registration is provided free of charge.
Collect Calls
Press the emergency button (red button) on the pay phone when making collect calls. After hearing a dial tone, press 1541. Then press 1541 after hearing a dial tone. Then press the number you wish to call including the area code and press # to get connected.
Only after the recipient agrees to accept the call is the call connected. Local collect calls will charge you 85 won per 3 minutes, and long-distance collect calls will charge 45 seconds per 30 seconds.
If wanting to discontinue the phone service or transfer the account due to moving, please visit KT office in person. If the number has been changed due to moving, the deposit will be automatically returned to the new number and it may take two months to get your deposit back when you disconnect the service.
the person in charge
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