Process of Renovation
  • 1st step
    • Thoroughly examine the structure of the house by inspecting the place at least on three occasions. Make the furniture layout after taking pictures making measurements
    • Double-check the details for inspection. (heating pipes, water pipes, the location of electric outlets, phone lines and the inspection on the heater.)
    • Come up with a list for fix ups. (Sinks, shoe racks, floor, molding paints, wallpaper, arched wall, ceilings, locations of lightings and etc.)
  • 2nd step
    • Check out where furniture should go based on the floor plan.
    • Make selections on the design and style of the furniture.
    • Decide on molding, painting, wallpaper color and the color of point wallpaper for overall image of the place.
    • Proceed the construction in the order of bathroom, sinks, shoe racks, floor, lightings, lifting the ceilings and lastly wallpaper.
  • 3rd step
    • At least quotes and consulting with at least three the interior design companies are recommended.
    • Before the construction, notify and ask for understanding from the houses next door and below.
Checklists before moving
  • Call moving companies.
  • Make a change to the address for your mails and contact information.
  • Prepare a phone line and install the Internet connection.
  • Disconnect the existing gas service and apply for a new one.
  • Clean and dry bookshelves, clothing and personal care goods and prepare them for use.