Health Insurance Card

Every citizen is covered by National Health Insurance. All foreigners living in Korea must register for a medical coverage in a form of Workplace Health Insurance or Community Health Insurance. For insurance benefits, 80% of the medical cost for the hospitalization at a hospital or clinics for the treatment of illness will be covered by National Health Insurance. For out-patient treatments, 50~80% of the medical cost for a hospital or clinics will be covered.
Health Insurance Card
Health Insurance for foreigners(Overseas Korean)
  • Who is eligible?
    • The applicant must be a foreigner or Overseas Korean working in a workplace that is enrolled in national health insurance or an appointed or hired civil servant or faculty, who has the alien registration or the declaration of the residency.
    • Foreigners (Overseas Korean), not covered by Workplace Health Insurance but have done the alien registration and have been granted sojourn stay status, may be eligible for Community Health Insurance and the time of acquisition is as follows.
  • Time of acquisition
    • Workplace Health Insurance : The insurance is put in effect at the date when the employer enrolls their employees in medical health program (Starting from the date of employment for the employees). Dependents of a foreigner can apply for the medical insurance the same way the dependents of a local residents do.
    • Community Health Insurance : Foreigners may apply for Community Health Insurance individually. (If applying after certain time has lapsed, the insurance will be covered retroactively since the date put into effect.
      • ※ For individuals who entered before 2008.12.16, the date of Alien Registration or a date of domestic residence registration.
      • ※ For individuals who entered after 2008.12.17, three months after the entry. For those who have not stayed over three months but have definite reasons for the stay such as studying abroad or employment, the date of entry. 
Required documents:
  • - Foreigner : A copy of Alien Registration Certificate or a copy of the Proof of Alien Registration , passport and etc.
  • - Foreign National Koreans : Alien Registration Certificate or a Proof of Alien Registration , a copy of resident registration or the proof of resident registration, passport
  • - Overseas Korean : a copy of resident registration or the proof of resident registration, passport and etc.
  • Apply for Health Insurance Card at National Health Insurance, Seocho/Gangnam Branch(5~7F Mijin Plaza, 825 Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul).
  • For more information, call 02-2186-4114, http//