Administrative Work for Foreigners

Report for change the place of sojourn
  • Detail: When a foreigner who is registered for alien status, a new place of sojourn has to be reported to a immigration office or borough office in the new place of sojourn within 14 days from the date of move-in
    (Article 36 of Immigration Control Law).
  • Seoul Immigration Office : 02)2650-6226
    Gangnam-gu Office Civil Petition & Passport Services : 02)3423-5379
Required document (detail revised)
  • Certificate of alien registration
  • Report form of place of sojourn change [download]
  • House sales contract or lease contract (rent)
    ※In case of reporting a new place of sojourn in the borough office of the new place, the report should be made within 14 days from the date of balance payment. After 14 days, the report for the changed place of sojourn is only available in the competent immigration office (subject to imposition of fine for negligence)
    - A ‘Report Form for Alteration of Residence (The form is provided in the ward office) must be added and the customs declaration form for the alteration of residence should be kept.
Report for change the place of sojourn
Report for change the place of sojourn
Issuance of visa for a baby and others
  • For qualification to issue a visa for a baby who was born in Korea, the birth of a baby should be registered to the Seoul Immigration Office within 90 days after the birth.
  • The parents who will register their baby’s birth should report to the consulate (or embassy) to receive the baby’s passport.
  • Issuance and registration of a certificate of alien registration are available in Seoul Immigration Office.
Required document (Seoul Immigration Office)
  • - Birth certification (certificate issued by the consulate (or embassy) of applicant’s country
  • - Parents’ certificate of employment (if necessary)
  • - Parents’ Certificate of alien registration
  • - Passport of a baby
  • - 2 copies of baby’s photo (photo size used for a Korean passport)
  • - Registration fee: 110,000 won (fee for qualification: 80,000 won, Registration fee: 30,000 won)
  • ※ Standard document and process may be added or omitted depending on individual sojourn status.
  • ※ Inquiry: 1345
출생아의 사진
baby’s photo
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