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ForeignㆍDomestic license

Renew method of foreign license to domestic license
  • Person possessing issued driver’s license received from authorized organizations in a foreign country can receive exchange issue of domestic license after examination of submitted documents approved by the embassy. This will be followed by aptitude test or a simple department test for the issue.
  • The foreign driver’s license will be acknowledged by a full license with valid date. Temporary license, learner, provisional, probationary, permit and certificate cannot be exchanged as a domestic license.
Renew method of foreign license to domestic license
Items contents
Required documents
  • Original copy of foreign driver’s license(Collection of foreign license after the issue of domestic license)
  • ssued certificate in English or Korean from the U.S. [relevant embassy or [presiding Korean embassy] to check the authentication of foreign license.
  • - Additional notarization is not needed for the certificate from embassy.
  • - ※ If the valid date and issued date of driver's license or certificate is not shown, submit documents proving the issued date and valid date such as ‘driving experience certificate’ from the administrative organization of the license.
  • Entry form and passport (for local citizens)/Passport (for foreigners)
  • - The sojourn period of more than 90 days at the country of license ownership should be proven with entry form or seal from the port-of-entry in the passport.
  • entification
  • - Local citizens : Resident registration card, passport, and other valid identification issued by the country (Local citizens are persons registered as a resident by article 6 of Resident Registration Law)
  • - reigners : Passport and Alien registration card
  • - Overseas Koreans : Passport and report of international address
  • - Sojourner of short period less than 90 days without alien registration cannot exchange foreign license to domestic license.
    (However, general exam of driver’s license without benefit of exemption is possible)
  • 3 copies of color photo (required size of photo)
Fee Physical examination(5,000 Won), License(6,000 Won), simple department test(6,000 Won)
  • Exchange issue of foreign license is by the type 2 domestic license.
  • License issued from authentication party of agreement (Belgium, Poland, Spain. Italy) is a license of relevant classification to be issue for exchange and does not permit substitute for registration.
the person in charge
Vehicle Management & Registration Division