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Daechi-dong was named as the Hanti (or Hanteo) Village which was one of 7~8 natural villages located under the big hill that was called as Daechi in Chinese characters. As for natural villages, there are eight villages namely, Ummal, Odaljjak , Saemal, Neunganmal, Jungganmal, Secheon, and Aretmal including Hanti. These villages complained of Mt. Jjokbak as it blocked the view (current 941-beonji of Daechi-dong) and frequent flood of Tancheon and Yangjaecheon Stream submerged the farmland as it was connected to the Jamsil area. Therefore, people believed that they would become prosperous if Mt. Jjokbak disappeared.


  • Seoul trade exhibition & convention SETEC
    Address : 514 Daechi-dong, Gangnam0gu, Seoul, Korea
    Contact :02-2222-3812
    Registered date : 2010-10-17 14:27:08.0
    Recommendation: 903, Hits: 4052
    Seoul trade exhibition & convention (SETEC) is support overseas expansion and export improvement of small businesses through vitalizing exhibition business. It is an exhibition equipped with exhibition facilities and management system which is in international standards to accommodate increasing exhibition demands. They open 50 different exhibitions per year to find overseas market for small businesses and lead to strengthen international economy.
  • Korea Culture House
    Address : 944-22 Daechi-dong, Gangnam0gu, Seoul, Korea
    Contact :02-567-6061
    Registered date : 2010-10-17 14:35:45.0
    Recommendation: 895, Hits: 3999
    Place of Korean culture experience and understanding. It is a facility where local citizens and foreigners can all enjoy. There are facilities such as, art hall, traditional school of handicraft taught by the victors, traditional tea house, cultural heritage exhibition to explore souvenirs and traditional handicrafts, and exploring room of traditional culture.
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