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Gangnam is surrounded by the stream of Tancheon, Yangjaecheon as well as the Han River. It is a place of rich ecological environment with Daemo mountain, Guryong mountain, and forests and streams. Let’s enjoy the new and different nature tour within the city.

  • Daemo Mountain
    Address : mt.63-36 Ilwon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
    Contact :02-2104-1918
    Homepage : -
    293m in height, the shape of the mountain was similar as an old lady, therefore it was called Halmi Mountain. After the royal tomb of Daemo, it was re-named as Daemo mountain by the royal command. Near the entrance of the mountain, there are is a place for studying nature with various rare trees. It is famous for hiking and strolling for the citizens as well as being a great outdoor education for students.
  • Guryeong Mountain
    Address : 567-25 Gaepo-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea
    Contact :02-2155-6860
    Homepage : -
    The mountain closely located near Poi and Yangjae area for a light walk. It is 300m in height which could just be a hill. However, it is perfect for an easy walking course with your family and also for morning exercises.
  • Yangjae Stream
    Address : Between Yeongdong 2-gyo ~ Tancheon Stream
    Contact :02-2104-2180
    Homepage :
    The old name of Yangjae Stream was Gongsu Stream. This stream rises from Gwanak mountain and Cheonggye mountain to pass Gwacheon and flow into the Han River in Gangnam as one of the tributary to the Han river. The first Ecological Park of Hangnyeoul was made in 1995. It is being used as a place of learning ecological education with flow of natural clear stream and an ancient oriental touch.
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