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S useo-dong was given such name as the Han River flows on the west of this area. It was formerly called as Gungmal or Gungcheon. It is because there are the tombs of Muandaegun Bangbeon, who was the 7th child of Taejo of Joseon and his son Gwangpyeongdaegun, in this village. Initially, Gwangpyeongdaegun was the 5th child of King Sejong and Sejong sympathized for Bangbeon as he died under a false accusation without having a child. Thus, he sent Gwangpyeongdaegun as an adopted child for Bangbeon to offer services.


  • Tomb of Gwangpyeongdaegun
    Address : 10-1, Suseo-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
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    The most well-preserved original tomb of the royal offspring in the Seoul area. It is located in Daemo mountain of Suseo-dong which was once called as Gungmal or Gungcheon. The total area is 125,237 pyeong within the Gwangpyeongdaegun tomb as well as presenting a grand sight of 700 other tombs. Go-ok, the second wife in the family also lies here. Yiyeo, the Gwangdaegun Jangeuigong was born in 7th year of Sejong (1425) as the fifth son. He passed away at a young age of 19 in 26th year of Sejong (1444). His tomb was originally in Samsung-dong Jangjiin in the first year of Yeonsangun, then it was moved to where it is now. This tomb has Sindobi which shows the research records of location Sejangbi from 1695.
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