Gangnam-gu Restaurants

  • Samwon garden (Dae-chi store)
    Type : Korean cuisine
    Address : Daechi-dong 993-1 (Yeongdong BLVD)
    Contact :556-2311
    Parking Information(capacity) : 0
    Menu Information : Galbi, bulgogi, galbi stew, iced noodles
    Recommendation: 914, Hits: 7009
  • Boucher Camps-Elysee buffet
    Type : Other
    Address : Daechi-dong 889-5 (Teheran-ro)
    Contact :538-8803
    Parking Information(capacity) : 500
    Menu Information : buffet
    Recommendation: 920, Hits: 6325
    Great place, food, service for meetingsThe menu changes according to season, and fresh and diverse list of dishes are prepared at order.
  • Lebis corporationInternational (lebis)
    Type : Western cuisine
    Address : Yeoksam-dong 820-9 (Gangnam BLVD)
    Contact :565-5959
    Parking Information(capacity) : 0
    Menu Information : Mexican sampler,Balsamic (dressing chicken breast)salad
    Recommendation: 939, Hits: 6954
    A restaurant located next to exit 7 of Gang-Nam station where world food culture can be enjoyed.Serves dishes and beverages from all over the world in trendy ambience and kind servers.
  • Las ColorGolden Jade
    Type : Chinese cuisine
    Address : Yeoksam-dong 786-19 (Dogok-ro)
    Contact :553-0054
    Parking Information(capacity) : 60
    Menu Information : Golden Jade special noodle, glutinous rice, scorched rice with seafood, lamb with rosemary,garlic cream sauce,snail course
    Recommendation: 903, Hits: 6671
    Harmony of Western and Chinese foods.The heavy taste of Chinese cuisine is well balanced with western food.
  • Cha Roong(Dogok branch)
    Type : Chinese cuisine
    Address : Dogok-doing 644-10 (Teheran-ro N.11St.)
    Contact :579-7077
    Parking Information(capacity) : 30
    Menu Information : Cantonese sweet and sour, kimchi scorched rice soup, Tortilla chili chop sui,cream prawn cheese salad
    Recommendation: 929, Hits: 6783
    A Chinese restaurant operated by Nolboo.Serves Fusion Chinese cuisine that is less oily to satisfy the Korean taste.We are presenting fusion Chinese cuisine suited for Korean taste.Seo-llong-ttang is also recommended.Please refer to our website for further
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