Gangnam-gu Restaurants

  • Obaltan FS
    Type : Korean cuisine
    Address : Samsung-dong 71-14 (Samsung-ro)
    Contact :511-1012
    Parking Information(capacity) : 70
    Menu Information : Special tripe,Large intestine,King ribs, Lunch-chung guk jang (fermented soy soup),Galbi soup,Toogari soup
    Recommendation: 967, Hits: 6701
    Thick, juicy, tender meat.Prepares with ingredients that satisfy the four standard criteria and beef from pollution-free farms.The delicious dishes will add happiness to your life.
  • No Image
    AmojeOmuto Dining
    Type : Western cuisine
    Address : Samsung-dong 159-6 (Yeongdong BLVD)
    Contact :551-2282
    Parking Information(capacity) : 도심공항터미널내 주차
    Menu Information : Omurice, Noodle steak, Salad, beverages.
    Recommendation: 915, Hits: 3652
    Located on B1 of City Airport.Offers a variety of dishes, including omurice.
  • Shin-jung
    Type : Korean cuisine
    Address : Yeoksam-dong 828-2 (Teheran-ro S.4St.)
    Contact :554-1033
    Parking Information(capacity) : 50
    Menu Information : Genghis Khan, duck, small intestine of cattle
    Recommendation: 989, Hits: 7480
    Specializes in Genghis Khan dishesThe 1st restaurant of Genghis Khan dishes in Korea!With its 1st location in Myongdong, Shinjung is an upscale restaurant of 50 year tradition.
  • Seven Springs
    Type : Western cuisine
    Address : Daechi-dong 942-1 (Samsung-ro)
    Contact :563-6678
    Parking Information(capacity) : 0
    Menu Information : Salad bar, double lip eye
    Recommendation: 1009, Hits: 7696
    Seven Springs is a well-being restaurant where customers can enjoy salad bar and grill menu.
  • Sanwon Garden(Shinsa store)
    Type : Korean cuisine
    Address : Shinsa-dong 623-5 (Eonju-ro)
    Contact :548-3030
    Parking Information(capacity) : 250
    Menu Information : Korean beef, bulgogi, galbi
    Recommendation: 941, Hits: 6351
    *Korea’s best traditional cuisine restaurantCan accommodate maximum 850 people with its large scale facilities.The design of our restaurant is based on Korean traditional aesthetics.A water mill, pond, and forest all contribute to the beautiful scenery of
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