Gangnam-gu Restaurants

  • subaro
    Type : Western cuisine
    Address : Samsung-dong 159 Coex mall LF2 (Teheran-ro N.54St.)
    Contact :551-6610
    Parking Information(capacity) : 0
    Menu Information : pizza, pasta
    Recommendation: 931, Hits: 5574
    Serves 100% hand-made pizza prepared with dough fermented for 24 hours Oil free well-being pizza grilled on marble stone.
  • JRW-on the border
    Type : Western cuisine
    Address : Samsung-dong 159-6 City airport B1 L-7 On the border (Teheran-ro N.54St.)
    Contact :565-0682
    Parking Information(capacity) : 0
    Menu Information : Fajita
    Recommendation: 960, Hits: 8080
    A restaurant serving authentic Mexican flare home-style prepared with fresh ingredients.Launched by America’s largest dining cooperation, Brinker’s first Korean store. Prepares its own salsa and tortilla in the restaurant. Serves steaks prepared in mesquit
  • Imok-Chon(Bae-Na-Mu-Gol)
    Type : Korean cuisine
    Address : Daechi-dong 944-31 (Teheran-ro)
    Contact :528-5292
    Parking Information(capacity) : 0
    Menu Information : Seoul-duck, Ohyang boiled beef
    Recommendation: 925, Hits: 6681
    Specializes in duck meat course menuFree parking for two and a half hours
  • Bae- Na Mu - Gol
    Type : Korean cuisine
    Address : Dogok-doing 946-6 (Dogok-ro S.1St.)
    Contact :3463-5292
    Parking Information(capacity) : 30
    Menu Information : Five-fragrance boiled beef, lightly smoked, Seoul Duck, duck’s skin, sour duck salad.
    Recommendation: 1000, Hits: 7450
    Serves various dishes prepared with home-grown duck in clean and classy interior space with great service.Banquet halls available.Please refer to our website for further information.
  • Yong-Su- San
    Type : Korean cuisine
    Address : Cheongdam-dong 6 (Dosan BLVD)
    Contact :546-0647
    Parking Information(capacity) : 100
    Menu Information : Course menu,fish, seafoodKorean pancakes, assorted ingredients on skewersteam boatstewtraditional drinks
    Recommendation: 923, Hits: 6518
    A Korean traditional restaurant Visit for special meetings on special days.Invitation to the world of excellent taste!
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