Gangnam-gu Restaurants

  • Ganga (Yeok-sam store)
    Type : Western cuisine
    Address : Yeoksam-dong 679 GS tower B 1F (Nonhyeon-ro)
    Contact :2005-0610
    Parking Information(capacity) : 0
    Menu Information : Curry, barbeque
    Recommendation: 924, Hits: 7554
    The restaurant is well-known among foreigners and tourists. Serves traditional Indian food.
  • Gam-po
    Type : Japanese cuisine
    Address : Daechi-dong 903-11 (Yeoksam-ro)
    Contact :558-0806
    Parking Information(capacity) : 5
    Recommendation: 907, Hits: 7334
    Offers flatfish and sashimi
  • Gam-Ja- Ba-Woo
    Type : Korean cuisine
    Address : Shinsa-dong 621-4 (Eonju-ro)
    Contact :517-1160~3
    Parking Information(capacity) : 24
    Menu Information : Korean course menu
    Recommendation: 914, Hits: 7278
    Rice steamed with Gang Won Do O-dae San Pillet tonic water.All kinds of ingredients, from vegetables to herbs, are from Gang Won Province, and the place serves many Japanese visitors.
  • Gahyo
    Type : Korean cuisine
    Address : Samsung-dong 160-20 (Bongeunsa-ro S.61St.)
    Contact :3452-3880
    Parking Information(capacity) : 8
    Menu Information : Lamb, intestine, sirloin
    Recommendation: 932, Hits: 6546
    Offers exquisite flavor and nutrition of large intestine.
  • Ga-Hyang
    Type : Chinese cuisine
    Address : Daechi-dong 983 Irdong building annex1F (Yeoksam-ro S.57St.)
    Contact :539-4913~5
    Parking Information(capacity) : 60
    Menu Information : Lunch, dinner, Kansho shrimp, Jeon-ga-bok (Combination of fried seafood), Dong-pa-yook (boiled meat), Scorched rice soup, and diverse course menus
    Recommendation: 929, Hits: 7818
    Uses only organic seasoning and no artificial seasoning to let customers feel refreshed after they eat.The place will never forget the warmth of its customers.Any big dinner appointment and the formal bows between a bride and a bridegroom are welcomed. Ser
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