Gangnam-gu Restaurants

  • Gyeowoolangae
    Type : Western cuisine
    Address : Daechi-dong 991-4 (Dogok-ro)
    Contact :556-2244
    Parking Information(capacity) : 16
    Menu Information : steak, tea, beverage, whyskey
    Recommendation: 977, Hits: 6374
    Live restaurant cafe of 20 year tradition.Appearance by KOREANA and etc.
  • Winter sea
    Type : Japanese cuisine
    Address : Nonhyun-dong 6-17 (Dosan BLVD S.9St.)
    Contact :545-0313
    Parking Information(capacity) : 25
    Menu Information : Sashimi, sekkoshi
    Recommendation: 933, Hits: 6507
    Prepares with produce delivered directly from Kang-reung. Fresh ingredients are used The best service provided.
  • Gae- Hwa- Ok
    Type : Korean cuisine
    Address : Shinsa-dong 661-18 Jeongdong arcade #107 (Apgujeong-ro S.35St.)
    Contact :549-1459
    Parking Information(capacity) : 40
    Menu Information : Bulgogi, Chadolba-eeMixed vegetables,Jeju black pork,Dwen Jang ( soy bean paste) stew
    Recommendation: 1117, Hits: 8382
    The opening of the Gae Hwa Ok has its origin in nature.
    It makes possible diet centered on health as its choice of organic ingredients and food abides strictly by methods to maximize the flavor of food.
    Gae Hwa Ok has tried to put and tradition even
  • Gae-sung house
    Type : Korean cuisine
    Address : Shinsa-dong 577-8 (Apgujeong-ro S.12St.)
    Contact :542-7317
    Parking Information(capacity) : 6
    Menu Information : Korean food courses, bossam kimchi, steamed galbi
    Recommendation: 927, Hits: 6930
    Can accommodate groups of 10, 20, and 30. The place welcomes diverse gatherings, including regular meals, business meetings, formal bow between the bride and the bridegroom, family meetings, and etc.
  • Golbangimaeul
    Type : Korean cuisine
    Address : Yeoksam-dong 823 (Teheran-ro)
    Contact :3452-3036
    Parking Information(capacity) : 20
    Menu Information : Korean buffet snail and cold noodle salad, smoked pig feet, chiken
    Recommendation: 912, Hits: 6447
    Offers healthy means at reasonable price.
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